Friday, 4 January 2019


#Teamkiki (For Institutional Use Only)
.gif, 2:20

#Teamkiki is a collection of .gifs created as documentation of past performances and video works, the initial intention of these pieces were not to be seen as an “art object” but rather proof/documentation. Within my process, questions of performativity, ephemerality and Black subjectivity were raised.

In looking at the Viral Video, The Meme and .Gif and the problematics of the term ephemerality troubles and complicates the realities of a Black artists presence within the institution and whilst circulating work on net-based platforms. In juxtaposing the ephemerality of performance and reperformance to the Regram the quality of the content begins to deteriorate as does the authorship creating vulnerable work exhibited out of reach of its intended community. The process of going “Viral” can be seen as a form of consensual appropriation, with ever remix, Regram, reshare a quality is lost but what is gained is form of Cultural Capital, therefore when characterising such work as ephemeral the term may be seen as laced with problematics as it opens up possibilities for erasure, thus creating a weight of responsibility when exhibiting such work outside of its context, the use of footnotes is to stabilize the work and its intended audience. To reference is it maintain.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

 Are you trifling? Are you a shady Queen whose reads go unnoticed? Do use self-depreciation to make yourself more relatable? Are you operating within an oppressive system which leaves you humorless and ashy?
Ever dream of reading like Phaedra Parks but being at peace like Kandi Burruss ?
IF SO  #teamkiki has you covered with this simple 6 step workshop to becoming an effective, ethical and triumphant #truthteller. Order Available for Artist Talks, Guest Lectures, Workshop facilitation and all-round tea spilling 


Sunday, 10 December 2017

The Tabooth Presents: Wheel of Misfortune

In collaboration with Delilah Rosier and curated by Andrew Mcphail and Stephan Altena for Hundred Dollar Gallery we transform the Truth Booth into the Tabooth, asking participants to spill the wheel of Misfortune. 

Future Shock: A Requiem of the Past
Curated by Kiera Boult
Centre[3] for print and media arts main gallery 
Andrew Butkevicius, Robert Creighton, Ingrid Mayrhofer, Neil Sharpe, Tanja Roglic, Stylo Starr

Photo by Andrew Butkevicius
Photo by Andrew Butkevicius

Future Shock: A Requiem of the Past is a group show consisting of Centre[3]’s artist members whose work explores notions of loss and erasure in the process of progress. This exhibition challenges the viewer to consider what is left behind when we move forward? The rise of urbanization erases communities and histories, American author and Futurist Alvin Toffler describes this process as, “[a] continual evolutionary process of evacuations, demolitions, removals, temporarily vacant lots, new installations and repeat. This process is identical in principle to the annual rotation of crops[…].” 
Future Shock: A Requiem of the Past aims to excavate the past and honour what has been rendered obsolete. Centre[3] is proud to exhibit our members in the Main Gallery showcasing the exceptional caliber of work our members create.

Along Concession Street Between Upper Wentworth and Upper Wellington

Curated by Kiera Boult
June 1 – November 30, 2017

Centre[3] for Print and Media Arts is proud to present, with the support of Ontario 150 Community Celebration Program, ONTARIO INK 150, a public banner project consisting of seven regional and local artists: Alex Jacobs-Blum, Dana Prieto, Roda Medhat, Stylo Starr, Andrew McPhail, Simon Frank, and Ingrid Mayrhofer. ONTARIO INK 150 will be exhibiting banners along Hamilton’s mountain Concession Street, between Upper Wentworth and Upper Wellington. This project involves the larger Hamilton community with the conversation around Canada and their Canadian experience.
ONTARIO INK 150 is a reflection of how we navigate the Canadian experience through multiple perspectives, which have been historically absent in Canada’s dominant narrative. By artists examining notions of Land, isolation, and survivance, Canadian nationhood is re-approached and deconstructed from monolithic Canadian themes of oneness and multiculturalism.

Friday, 1 December 2017

7a*md8 - On Line, 2017

"Dear loyal followers, prospective lovers, fuck bois, and family if you want to continue the Kiera experience please follow @7a11d I will only be exclusively posting @7a11d for the rest of the week. Please forward all dms there as well #7amd8socialmedia #7amd8 #7a11d #performanceart #TSVtoronto #teamkiki #imout (at Hamilton, Ontario)"

For the week of  October 15 – Saturday, October 21, 2017, I was invited by the Toronto Performance Art Collective to take over @7a*11d Instagram account. During this week online residency I experimented with common social media tropes such as; the art star, the real housewife and the lifestyle blogger. 


Wednesday, 29 November 2017

A Requiem for Commuters, 2017

A Requiem for Commuters, 2017 was a mega funeral celebrating both The Art Gallery of York Universty's Performance Bus and the art collective formal known as Bonerkill. Residing over the funeral is the Greater Toronto-Hamilton Area's leading Holp Pope of Truth Kiera Boult.     

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#Teamkiki (For Institutional Use Only) .gif, 2:20 2018 #Teamkiki is a collection of .gifs created as documentat...